Episode 01: Erin Lovett

By Andrea Piazza / 08 May 2019 / 1:30:20

Erin Lovett is a singer-songwriter, known as Four Eyes, in Athens, GA. She's also a graphic designer and is the founder of Classic City Postal Service, an Athens-themed design shop.

Episode 02: Brian Roth

By Andrea Piazza / 24 Nov 2019

Brian Roth is the co-owner of the Southern Brewing Company. Brian has lived in Athens since the late 1980's and has a passion for beer, wrestling, and local music.

Episode 03: Kristen Ashley MacCarthy

By Andrea Piazza / 25 Nov 2019

She puts the K.A. in K.A. Artist Shop - talk art and small business with Kristen Ashley MacCarthy.

Episode 04: Hall Roberts

By Andrea Piazza / 3 Dec 2019

Hall Roberts is a landscape designer and arborist in Athens, GA - saving the world, one garden at a time.